ReSolutionaries 5R’s Framework Introductory Course

The ReSolutionaries 5R’s Framework Introductory Course gives you easy-to-use and apply tools so that you can begin preventing, resolving and transforming conflicts everywhere you live and lead.

Learn straight from Beverly Title, co-Founder of ReSolutionaries, Inc., how to apply the simple yet powerful 5R Framework any time you experience conflict. This course is the distillation of Beverly's 40-years work in the field of restorative justice and practices.

The Introductory Course also includes, as a companion to Beverly's teachings, a series of modules that guide you as you apply the Framework, R by R, to your life and most important relationships. Each module contains an interactive questionnaire that invites you to reflect on the most difficult conflicts in your life and they are always available to return to as new conflict situations arise.

In addition to the video course itself, you will also receive a downloadable poster of the 5R’s, a downloadable description of the R’s, and access to a Members-Only discussion forum.

ReSolutionaries 5R’s Framework Introductory Course

A special opportunity to learn straight from Beverly Title, Co-founder of ReSolutionaries, Inc.. A concise 20-minute distillation of her 40 years of experience in the field of restorative practices and the framework for how to put her powerful work into action in your own life any time you are experiencing conflict. You’ll also enjoy several special bonuses along with the mini-course such as a step-by-step guide to hold your hand in applying the framework to your own life, a members-only discussion forum, and much more!

$197.00 USD